Our services

GC provides strategic and management consulting services for commodity traders and any participant to the trading world from origin to manufacturing

Best Practice Benchmarking

Allowing traders, producers and manufacturers to benefit from best practices and take advantage of lessons learned by top of the class players.


Trade company incubator. An incubator for commodity traders, setup of the structure, finance lines, tax rulings & secretarial work.

Supply Chain

Consulting on optimizing the supply chain for commodity traders, implementation of Blue-Loop

Trade Finance

Provide sources of financing in Geneva and Singapore outside the usual Trade Finance banks

Risk Management

Establishment of manuals, policies and workflows adapted to the risk environment and size of the entity to satisfy request from shareholders, banks and auditors.

CTRM selection & implementation

Section of CTRMs, blueprints, test phases and implementations

Finance Function

GC can staff the finance function from accountant to CFO on a per day basis, provide charts of accounts and software as well as expertise in accounting and pre-audit diagnostic.

Internal Audit

GC plans and executes the internal audit function.
Reporting of factual findings to the relevant instances of the entity with suggested remedial action

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